Slainte Mhor!

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It’s been a while since I done my last post, so apologies, but I’ve been otherwise engaged….in my head to Jamie Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser! To those of you who have no idea what I’m gibbering on about, then this is my first post on my favourite books by Diana Gabaldon,  and TV show Outlander. The books centre around a WWII 1945s nurse who accidentally travels through time and finds herself in the year 1743, right bang in the middle of the Scottish uprising, and thrown into the arms of the Scottish warrior that is Jamie Fraser, kilted, scarred and hot as a scotch bonnet! I am lucky enough to live right in the heart of the filming locations and can’t wait to get stuck into my ideas on Outlander/Scottish themed weddings. Next week I have the pleasure of attending an Outlander Familiarisation day, held by Fife Tourism Partnership and Visit Scotland, so expect some breathtaking venues, and stunning backdrops for you to hold your very own Outlander Wedding and Gathering (budgetguide4brides style!), in the meantime, get yourself Amazon Prime and get watching to catch those famous scenes filmed in Fife, the Lothians and the Highlands, and find out what all the stramash is about, trust me you won’t be disappointed!!

Our (Surprise!) Wedding

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I don’t know about you but, the wedding invitations for this summer have already started rolling in at our house.  When I hear friends talk about the planning and the excitement building up to their nuptials, it makes me feel like ours was ages ago!  It’s hard for me to believe it was just last fall, so much has happened in our short time as husband and wife.  But I do like telling the story of our unique, surprise wedding day.  Here’s a bit more of the background on our big day and a few photos if you would like to see some.

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Runaway Brides…

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Lets raise a toast…to the Best Man’s Speech

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imagesWhen organising a wedding, the Bride has so much on her mind to organise, she will sweat buckets over seating plans, who to invite (or not to invite), what colour scheme to go by and “will I fit into that dress?” but lets not forget that there are three men out there having sleepless nights about delivering the right speech, so lets give them a big “awwww” and help them out with the one “tiny” little job they have been left to organise.

I have been focusing initially on the “Best Man” speech.  Whoever the lucky guy is, he is under a lot of pressure nowadays after that bloody McFly guy who had all the woman in tears and all the men wanting his blood.  So the bar has been, and nowadays there is a lot more expected of the wedding toasts (no pressure!).

If you can sing, your laughing, if…

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Wedding Flowers

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As spring is not too far around the corner, here is one of my favourite blogs from 2012….

Budget Guide 4 Brides

Your Wedding flowers are an important part of your day, often resulting in your whole wedding theme being designed around the flowers.  I myself, ended up having my whole wedding theme being based around Cala Lillies as these are my personal favourite, and come in a variety of colours. 

I was quite surprised at how cost-effective flowers were at the time of my wedding.  I find that your local florist is your best bet, as often family and friends have recommended them, often resulting in a good, fair, price.

I discovered that it was cheaper and more practical for my bridesmaids to have wrist crossages, which were much cheaper than the bouquets.  This meant they were free to take care of the page boys and help with my dress!! (purely selfish reasons!).

Speak to your florist they may offer a “package”, I was lucky enough to receive my button holes for the groomsmen free…

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That’s what friends are for!

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Budget Guide 4 Brides

friends 3

As soon as he slips that ring on your finger, that’s it, the visions commence.  Before you know it you’ve imagined yourself sitting on that golden throne, surrounded by a “pack” of diamond encrusted Bridesmaids, and a guest list that would fill Wembley!  what you haven’t considered is what your hubby to be would like and how large the bank loan would need to be to achieve the so-called “wow factor” wedding.

Well just stop right there, “Keep Calm” and realistically set yourselves an achievable budget.  Now I don’t enjoy being the one that destroys your confetti pinnate (yes they do exist!), but as I’ve said repeatedly “If you look after the pennies, love will look after itself”.

Now by sticking to your budget, by no means do you have to lose your dream wedding, you just have to prioritise what’s worth compromising and what isn’t.  That’s where the friends come in, and…

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The Hen Do

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Budget Guide 4 Brides

This one is for the Chief Bridesmaids out there who need a little inspiration!! We have got into the habit now of a large amount of hen and stag nights being held abroad, and although this a fantastic way to get a fab tan before your big day, it also means you lose out on close friends and family who cannot afford to join you!

Why not organise a “themed” hen party, the choices are endless, but I do have a favourite idea, and again “I wish I’d thought of this” crops into my head.

Why not hold an “Alice in Wonderland” tea party (with cocktails of course!), you can have so much fun here with the saucy costumes. There are vast amounts of Alice, Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, Rabbit, TweedleDee and Twiddle Dum, etc., etc., costumes on, which are not for the faint hearted, so you…

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